Professor and Director
Center for Clean Water and Sustainable Technologies
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
George Mason University  
Fairfax, VA 22030, USA 
ahussam@gmu.edu, abulhussam@gmail.com


Arsenic Filters


A simple and effective arsenic filter based on composite iron matrix: development and deployment studies for ground water of Bangladesh. J. ES&H, A 42, 1869-1878, 2007.

Chemical Fate of Arsenic and Other Metals in Groundwater of Bangladesh: Experimental Measurement and Chemical Equilibrium Model, J. ES&H  A38(1), 71-86, 2003.

Electrochemical measurement and speciation of inorganic
arsenic in groundwater of Bangladesh, Talanta 58 (2002) 33–43

SONO Filter I

SONO Water Filter: A Sustainable Solution for Arsenic Crisis and Clean Drinking Water, Abul Hussam and Abul K. M. Munir, Oct 30, 2010


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